Corstorphine Community Church

Welcome One, Welcome all

Corstorhine Community Church Members

Corstorphine Community Church is a group of Christians who meet in the West Side of Edinburgh near St John’s Road in Corstorphine. We aim to welcome the community with open arms, to be a sanctuary for those who are in need, a place of spiritual guidance for those who are seeking and a place of healing for those who are hurting. We are a church where people can find faith in Jesus Christ who we believe came to bring God’s forgiveness and healing to us. We are a community of prayer and praise to a good God who is very real to us.

We changed our name in May 2016 from Corstorphine United Free Church of Scotland to Corstorphine Community Church. We are still part of the United Free Church but wanted a name that better described who we are. We wanted to show people that we care about the community of Corstorphine and that we are family, a community.